Hi, I am JJ Jung.
A graphic designer based in NYC. Currently at Pentagram.
Outta Nest
MoMA Fall Campaign
COP 28




Peter Thomas Roth
Sephora Sampling

Campaign, 2022
“A summer-inspired cart providing free eye patches and masks for Sephora visitors across New York City.” Inspired by PTR's colorful mask and patch collections, I created eye-catching graphics for a custom cart, including floor, cart, umbrella, and cards.

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NiceRice Packaging

Packaging, 2022
I designed rice packaging to solve common issues that most people go through by adopting the concept of the book/literature.

First, we can’t check immediately how much rice is left. Secondly, it is hard to measure the right amount of water for cooking rice

Album Chuck

Packaging, 2021
I chose the album "Chuck" by sum41, which is the album named after the UN peacekeeper 'Chuck Pelletier' who saved the band's life during the fight in Congo.

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Graphis New Talent 2022, Gold Award

Magazine Nibble

Editorial, 2021

"Nibble" is an environmental magazine disguised as a "Food/ Cooking" magazine to handle environmental issues.
I wanted to address the risk of food-related issues by creating “Nibble” in a fun and intriguing manner to make people, who are tired of repeated environmental issues, engage more.

Typeface : Grab-ity

Type Design, Editorial, 2021
Grab-ity is a typeface started from a sketch of grabbing food with chopsticks, which looked like the letter ‘H’. I named it ‘Grabity’ as gravity forces things to drop to the ground. The red circles have a strong flow in each letter.

Ai Art Festival: ArtOfficial

Brand Identity, 2021

Team Project
JJ Jung / Stefany Yoo Park / Hongming Li / Cheryl Agbemabiese

ArtOfficial is a festival held in Chicago that focuses on AI-generated artworks such as chatbots, deepfake, virtual interactions, and algorithms.
By deep-learning millions of arts, the ai works are no more generic; they can have characteristics, uniqueness, and even emotions. To introduce these untouched-beautiful Ai generated artworks to the broader public, we created Art Official (or ArtOfficial), an AI Art festival of all creative applications of artificial intelligence. 

Kimbap Shop “BAAB”

Brand Identity, 2022
Folded Kimbap, which looks like a sandwich with seaweed, has more straightforward steps and is easy to eat. Our shop “BAAB” targets young students and workers looking for a quick and easy meal yet healthy and nutritious at an affordable price. 

Marie Claire Obsessorize :
From Common Objects,
To Uncommon Accessories

3D Design, 2018
“Obsessorize” is a celebration of art and style that coincide with Marie Claire magazine’s blockbuster October 2018 issue. Under the guidance of Kevin O'Callaghan, I had a great opportunity to participate in the exhibition creating shoes made out of antique mouse traps inspired by iconic accessories of the 1940s.