Hi, I am JJ Jung.
A graphic designer based in NYC. Currently at Pentagram.
Outta Nest
MoMA Fall Campaign
COP 28




Instagram @shop Seezle Reel


Instagram @shop recently teamed up with Factory360, which is an experiential marketing agency in NYC. The pop-up was held in the meatpacking district to highlight the cool and dazzling retail experience from 13 independent and diverse brands.

I created overall graphic overlays to convey the vibrancy of the colorful pop-up as well as to show the key outcomes of the event.

Title Sequence: Kingdom


This is a title sequence for the sensational Netflix series “Kingdom”. The immersive mountains and the dark environment in the show inspired me to create vague scenery. Each scene contains an English letter, and then it gathers at once, forming the word “Kingdom” and transforming into a Korean letter at the end.

Introduction to App Veryfine


App "Veryfine" notifies users of approaching expiration dates with a tangible visual prediction model an suggests ways to use foods before they go bad.

Step By Step


'Step by step' is the best description of my life in general. Whenever I started with a new thing like school or a job, I usually thought that I fall behind. So I always had to put tremendous effort to gradually become the best of me. It felt like being stuck in infinite stairs.

I still have no clue where I would go at the end of the stair, but I am no more afraid since I believe that I will do my best to be the best.