Hi, I am JJ Jung.
A graphic designer based in NYC. Currently at Pentagram.
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AI Art Festival: ArtOfficial

Brand Identity, 2021

Team Project
JJ Jung / Stefany Yoo Park / Hongming Li / Cheryl Agbemabiese

By deep-learning millions of arts, the ai works are no more generic; they can have characteristics, uniqueness, and even emotions. To introduce these untouched-beautiful Ai generated artworks to the broader public, we created Art Official (or ArtOfficial), an AI Art festival of all creative applications of artificial intelligence. ArtOfficial is a festival held in Chicago that focuses on AI-generated artworks such as chatbots, deepfake, virtual interactions, and algorithms.

︎︎︎Concept: Memphis + Art

Our team's mission was to create a festival combining specific art styles, Memphis. It is a highly vibrant and joyful expression using bright colors with geometric shapes. We found a possibility to adopt this humane art style to the concept of "Artificial" intelligence art, which is normally misunderstood as cold, systemic, and non-characteristic style.