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Sexual Health Brand:

Brand Identity, 2022
Lovare is a lifestyle and sexual wellness brand designed for young couples. The brand is proud to offer the world's first birth control pill for men. This non-hormonal option expands men's contraception choices and is expected to have fewer adverse side effects. However, a challenge with male birth control is that men may not take the pill regularly, as they are not as invested in contraception as women.

To address this, I came up with a brand “Lovare” to create to make contraception methods easier for both partners in a relationship. With a thought-provoking campaign, the brand hopes to change the perception of pills and encourage men's active participation in contraception. The slogan "Love your mate with care" and "Care your mate with love" underscores the brand's commitment to promoting shared responsibility.

Abstract symbols for male and female inspired by human reproductive organs

The calendar shows the user’s intake every month!

Two overlapping wheels below indicate the number of times both people took pills, allowing them to monitor each other’s intake.

Personalized reminders keeps you and your mate on track

Our app will give auto-updates if a user is not taking a pill every day, but the other user can also send a notification/message to their mate.